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American Founding Fathers

This is a book on the Founding Father of the United States of America. It will briefly talk about each one of them. The target audience of this book are ages 7 to 12. Most of the pages haven't been started so go onto the main site here:

  http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Wikijunior:American_Founding_Fathers  and click on a blue link to get started.

It would really be a big help for this very large book if any help would come around. Don't think this means that you actually have to finish a section you start, you just need to provide any information that you know about that person and to remember that this writing is intended for children and it is a nonfiction book.

  1. John Adams
  2. Samuel Adams
  3. Ethan Allen
  4. Abraham Baldwin
  5. Josiah Bartlett
  6. Richard Bassett
  7. Gunning Bedford Jr.
  8. John Blair
  9. William Blount
  10. Carter Braxton
  11. David Brearly
  12. Mesopotamians
  13. Jacob Broom
  14. Pierce Butler
  15. Charles Carroll
  16. Daniel Carroll
  17. Samuel Chase
  18. Abraham Clark
  19. George Clinton
  20. George Clymer
  21. William Richardson Davie
  22. Jonathan Dayton
  23. John Dickinson
  24. Oliver Ellsworth
  25. William Few/
  26. Thomas Fitzsimons
  27. Benjamin Franklin
  28. Elbridge Gerry
  29. Nicholas Gilman
  30. Nathaniel Gorham
  31. Button Gwinnett
  32. Lyman Hall
  33. Alexander Hamilton
  34. John Hancock
  35. Benjamin Harrison
  36. John Hart
  37. Patrick Henry
  38. Joseph Hewes
  39. Thomas Heyward Jr.
  40. William Hooper
  41. Stephen Hopkins
  42. Francis Hopkinson
  43. William Houstoun
  44. Samuel Huntington
  45. Jared Ingersoll
  46. William Jackson
  47. John Jay
  48. Thomas Jefferson
  49. Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer
  50. Sinhala
  51. William Samuel Johnson
  52. Rufus King
  53. Henry Knox
  54. Marquis de La Fayette
  55. John Langdon
  56. John Lansing Jr./
  57. Henry Lee III
  58. Thomas Sim Lee
  59. Philip Livingston
  60. Robert R. Livingston
  61. William Livingston
  62. Thomas Lynch Jr.
  63. James Madison
  64. John Marshall
  65. Alexander Martin
  66. Luther Martin
  67. George Mason
  68. Philip Mazzei
  69. James McClurg
  70. James McHenry
  71. Thomas McKean
  72. John Francis Mercer
  73. Arthur Middleton
  74. Thomas Mifflin
  75. James Monroe
  76. Gouverneur Morris
  77. Lewis Morris
  78. Robert Morris
  79. John Morton
  80. Thomas Nelson Jr.
  81. William Paca
  82. Robert Treat Paine
  83. Thomas Paine
  84. William Paterson/
  85. John Penn
  86. William Pierce
  87. Charles Cotesworth Pinckney
  88. Charles Pinckney
  89. Edmund Randolph
  90. Peyton Randolph
  91. George Read
  92. William Rickman
  93. Caesar Rodney
  94. George Ross
  95. Benjamin Rush
  96. Edward Rutledge
  97. Roger Sherman
  98. James Smith
  99. Richard Dobbs Spaight
  100. Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben
  101. Richard Stockton
  102. Thomas Stone
  103. Caleb Strong
  104. George Taylor
  105. Charles Thomson
  106. Matthew Thornton
  107. George Walton
  108. George Washington
  109. William Whipple
  110. William Williams
  111. James Wilson
  112. John Witherspoon
  113. Oliver Wolcott
  114. George Wythe
  115. Robert Yates

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